maandag 11 mei 2009

Nigerian group frees UK hostage

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) released Robin Barry Hughes, an inhabitant of the United Kingdom; he has been kidnapped for six months in Nigeria. He is part of 27 people that were kidnapped in September 2008.
The reason for his release is on grounds of age and health.

Robin Barry Hughes is 59 years old and was working on an oil platform. Kidnappings often take place in this country by groups of civilians with weapons because their inhabitants want the government to distribute their oil equally.
Unfortunately with the release of Robin Barry Hughes there is no news about another person that has been kidnapped by Mend, Matthew Maguire.


It is ridiculous that Mend kidnaps people for their own good! They only take them hostage because they want to force the Nigerian Government to share oil equally. In September 2008 27 people have been taken hostage, luckily most of them have been released. Unfortunately of Matthew Maguire there is no news. They should release him instantly!

I believe Mend can take other measures to carry out their thoughts and not kidnap people for their own ideas. My opinion is that the international community has to help Nigeria with this matter and stop the kidnapping! This will result in Nigeria being safer and freed from dangerous groups.

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