maandag 11 mei 2009

Swine flu spreads at London school

Yesterday the news got out that Alleyn's Private School in Dulwich, South London has five new matters of swine flu: four children and an adult. At the moment there are 39 matters of swine flu in Great Britain. It started a week ago when one student came home from holidays, which he took in the US. The school has closed its doors until further notice.

The Health Protection Agency said the people infected with swine flu are okay and are treated with antiviral. This has also been given to their families, the personnel at Alleyn’s Private School and all students attending this school to stop spreading this disease further.


It is a very unfortunate that this student got the swine flu. I believe that in the United States of America there are close precautions at the international airports to stop spreading this disease. In this case the student got the swine flu when returning home from holidays.

Luckily the government of the United Kingdom has manufactured enough Tamiflu; the main anti viral drug for its inhabitants. Because the disease turns up everywhere in the world it is mandatory that enough vaccines are being created against pandemic H1N1. In the end this ailment needs to be conquered.

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  1. Very shocking all the news about the swine flu... And it does not stop. We still hear every day that there are more and more new cases of swine flu. I think it is scary. Luckily there are good vaccins against these flu.