zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Winehouse cancels UK comeback

Unfortunately Amy Winehouse is not able to perform at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Island record label at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on May 31. This is too stressful for her, as her emotions have hit an all-time high. Some of Island Records biggest names are Bob Marley, U2 and Grace Jones; at the moment Amy is one of their biggest stars.
Amy has been staying at the island of St. Lucia for a few months now to recover from her drug and alcohol addiction. At the island she relaxes and records songs for her new album. At the beginning of this month she surprised fans by performing at a Jazz Festival but was taken to hospital after drinking too much alcohol.
According to one of Amy’s sources she feels sorry for not being able to perform, but she feels she has made the right decision.
Amy’s management offered their apologies and stated that everyone who bought tickets will get their money back.


I feel sorry for Amy Winehouse. I am wondering what on earth made her become the person she is today. Maybe she had a bad childhood or she was abused. Somehow all of her problems got her into an alcohol and a drug addiction: it does not seem to get better. She goes from one rehabilitation clinic to another. Her song “rehab” sounds just right for her. It is like it is written about her!
In my opinion this person should not perform or be at the island of St. Lucia. She needs to get some serious help. I do not believe her record label Island Records is serious about helping her to get better. It seems like she can do whatever she wants at St. Lucia. Almost every week she is in the headlines, mostly in a negative way. She should grow up and take care of her problems! This girl is talented but wasting her life, what a shame!

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  1. you have a point. But there are many musicians in history who were worse off than she was. They say keith richards used everything that he could find.

    It is a good piece with a good topic

  2. How do we know Amy? We know Amy from her songs, which are all beautiful, and we know her from her drug addiction. As a matter of fact I think that she perhaps gets her inspiration from the drugs. It is a pity but should she not stop singing at all.

  3. I really like her songs, she is a very good performer and her voice is, to me, wonderful. Now, do not laugh at me, but I have read once in an article about this girl and in that article they said that her parents were the reason for her addiction. They want Amy to be successful, and if she have to take drugs or alcohol to be that succesful, than so be it. Of course I do not know if this article is telling us the truth , but if this is really the case than I think she has got very pathetic parents...