maandag 11 mei 2009

Pc jailed over girl's crash death

A police officer of 41 years old, John Dougal, has been sentenced to three years after killing 16-year-old schoolgirl Hayley Adamson. He killed Hayley after driving too fast in an area where you are allowed to drive 30 mph, where John drove 94 mph.
The hearing took place in Newcastle Crown Court. He is not allowed to drive anymore for four years.

The reason he hit Hayley Adamson was because he was after a car but did not have his sirens on and hit her when she tried to cross the street. At this time he was on duty as a police officer.


I think this is a typical case of wrong time, wrong place for both John Dougal and for Hayley Adamson. Hayley allegedly had been drinking alcohol. John Dougal was on duty and chasing a suspect car.

If Hayley had not been drinking alcohol she would have had better judgment before crossing the streets. On the other hand John Dougal should have paid more attention. He is an officer and is an example for civilians.

In my view The Newcastle Crown Court gave John Dougal the right sentence. He can think about what he did in prison and also the fact that he is banned for driving for four years is a good punishment. In jail he can think about what he did; he feels sorry for what he did. Haley’s parents will never get her back; no punishment can long enough, they have to miss her for the rest of their lives.

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