zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Tatty bye, Pete

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, selected Fiona Shackleton to be her lawyer in her divorce to Peter Andre. Fiona Shackleton’s nickname is ‘Steel Magnolia’. She is famous for representing Heather Mills in her divorce from Beatle Paul McCartney.
Katie Price wants full custody over her kids and she wants to protect her £ 40 million pounds in order for Peter Andre not to get any of this.
Katie Price was seen as she walked out of Fiona Shackleton’s office. Before she met up with her attorney she took a manicure and pedicure at a beauty salon in Brighton. She also put a tattoo on her arm with Peter Andre’s name on it just before they broke up. She was intending to change her last name to Andre.
The reason for the split up was that Jordan has been cheating on Peter Andre; she kissed someone else while going out.


I think it is ridiculous that Jordan and Peter Andre are all over the news. Of course they are celebrities but they have also got a private life. The press should not be all over them; they ought to be able to resolve their divorce themselves without being in the news every day.
I understand why Peter Andre wants a divorce; cheating on someone is unforgivable. In my view they both need to get custody over their two children Princess Tiaamii and Harvey. They do not need to suffer from their harsh divorce. In my opinion the kids come first before their parents.
Jordan found a good lawyer in Fiona Shackleton and I hope for Peter Andre’s sake that he will get a good attorney as well. Peter Andre is married under a prenuptial agreement and this means he cannot claim anything of Jordan’s £ 40 million pounds. I honestly believe this money should stay hers as she worked hard for it.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I do not aree with you that these couple have got a private life. Why? Because this couple has got their own reality show. They show and share everything they do with the audiance. I do agree with the fact that these children should not have to suffer from their parent's divorcing. They say that Jordan would have cheat on Peter Andre, but she denies it. But why would Peter Andre chose to divorce when his wife really is not cheating on him???? This is a bit strange, don't you think?

  2. I do not think it is ridiculous that Peter and Jordan are all over the news. They choose for that when they went into the show business. Normal people have a private life, celebrities do not.
    I hope that they will work everything out for their two kids.
    I also think that Peter Andre does not need Jordan’s money. He is also successful and should be able to earn his own money.